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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a reputable steam cleaning company stationed in North-West London. We work in all areas of London.

At this moment various kinds of rugs are available. They have various structures, paints and materials they are made of so you shouldn’t hurry when making such an important choice like selecting the perfect carpeted flooring. If you wish to protect the incredible look of your carpet you should wash the carpet on regular basis and take benefit of deep rug maintaining techniques in North-West London 1 or 2 times a year. Depending on what type of textile your carpet is made of there are two highly recommended procedures for carpet cleaning. Each of them is used for giving a long use of the rugs and superb fresh colors. Steam carpeted flooring washing is the premier process that takes advantage of the power of heated water steam to clean every single one of the problem areas and dust from the carpet. The second cleaning process is known as deep carpeted flooring washing is executed from the bottom of the rug and it copes with different kinds of dirt, dust, mold and bacteria. According to the type of your floor covering you need to select the best washing procedure. If you don’t have enough information about pros and cons of the different cleaning techniques, connect a professional carpet washing business in North-West London to share with you a competent help.

Prolux Carpet is well-known for being one of the most reliable rugs maintaining firms in North-West London. Prolux Carpet is a family business that was established 7 years ago and is improving its services every day. We want to be perfect in what we do, trying to overcome all the difficulties and competition and that way to convince our customers that we are the best company in this sphere. We use exclusively green detergents and extremely contemporary steam machines and vacuum cleaners to give you the top quality procedures. Besides being always at your disposal,we takeemergency procedures. We accept all orders. For us each customer is of great significance and needs proper attitude. Every year our professionals go to a training for improving their skills, and every one of our professional cleaners are prepared for any situation or problem that may come up. Besides one of the kind cleaning methods Prolux Carpet carpet maintaining professionals in North-West London will provide you with some helpful advices about keeping your carpet in amazing look.

Steam carpet cleaning – all you need to know

There are several extremely easy stages of the process to follow. First, our specialists need to vacuum clean the whole carpet. Later, they make a thorough assessment of the carpet is done concentrating in making a checklist of the problems it has. It is of great importance to mark what have caused various stains – cola, juice, tar, nail polish, lipstick, tomato juice, vomit or some other cause. The customers may be asked to share additional information about the carpet. Next deliberately chosen cleaning products are used on the different stains. At last, deep rug maintaining is made which brings back the amazing look of the carpet. The steam maintaining method is applicable for vanishing old stains from the carpet’s surface and for vanishing all the harmful particles found on the carpet. That cleaning technique has believed to be the most efficient one for keeping a secure atmosphere for your children.

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