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Vacuum and Steam Car Upholstery Cleaning Brent and Harrow W - If you would like to get the most efficient vehicle interior steaming Brent and Harrow W at the lowest cost, you have to call Prolux Carpet Cleaning. Prolux Carpet Cleaning is in this sphere for more than 8 years and Prolux Carpet Cleaning is pleased to tell we have thousands of clients who order our cleaning procedures at regular basis. Our team of cleaning experts is gathered of the top and hard-working specialists in the city. Our specialists are dedicated to achieving perfect results and pay attention to every detail. That way they are achieving marvelous results and you will be impressed by the condition of your car interior. Besides that, we are applying found secure maintaining solutions and Prolux Carpet Cleaning procedures are available 24/7.

  • Fortnight arrangement possibility
  • Reasonable and fixed prices
  • Completely insured cleaners
  • Safe and non – toxic cleaning

Vehicle Cleaning and Detail Car Upholstery Cleaning Brent and Harrow W

The service of vehicle interior steaming Brent and Harrow W starts with cleaning with a super powerful vacuum cleaner.

It is emphasized on places around the edges and under the seats. Next, a stain remover is applied on the stains. The product is selected according to the kind of the stain. The next stage is cleaning the surface of the interior as simultaneously is applied extremely effective product. To end the cleaning process, the upholstery is sprayed with a deodorizer for having light air inside your vehicle.


Professional Auto Detailing Prices Prices
  Fabric Leather
Seats of Two Seater Sports Car/Roadster  £50  £50
Full Car Upholstery (seats, carpets, mats, boot)  £59  £69
SUV Full Auto Upholstery  £79  £89
MPV Full Auto Upholstery (7 Seater)  £79  £109
 Price Per Additional Seat  £10  £15
 Child Car Seat Deep Cleaning  £7  £7
Super Car Interior Valet    +£50

Shampoo Car Upholstery Cleaners for Seats and Carpets Brent and Harrow W

Removing Spots:

Regardless whether the care will be :

  • ink, tea, hot chocolate, coffee, milk, juice, cola spill, poured, splashed, sprinkled
  • alcohol beverages, excrement, ice cream, milk
  • blood, chocolate, coffee, tea and oil,
  • bodily fluids brown yellow
  • discoloration,butter,candle, wax,chocolate|collar cuff soil,cosmetics crayon,dairy products,deodorants|dye transfer,egg, fabric softener}
  • mayonnaise,mildew,milk,mud,mustard
  • nail polish,paint,perfume perspiration,pine resin,scorch,shoe polish

Interior Valeting and Car Upholstery Cleaning Brent and Harrow W

  • Here are some of the most important benefits that you may find useful:
  • Washing and cleaning the car upholstery surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning old, stubborn stains and spills
  • Saving the appearance and the bright colors of your car upholstery
  • Deep expert vehicle upholstery maintaining of every single area of your car upholstery, including the corners between the seats.

Deep Car Upholstery Cleaning Maintenance in Brent and Harrow W by Prolux Carpet Cleaning

Calm down and take it easy. Prolux Carpet Cleaning is the best deep car upholstery cleaning maintenance in Brent and Harrow, W which has thousands of regular clients who will recommend its services. We have been in the car upholstery cleaning business for 8 years and we have experience with all kinds of stains and spots. In addition, we have regular customers who have car rental businesses and firms with selling cars. We also provide our highly effective services to customers who have a situation just like yours.

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